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Pure Storage

Use Your Year-End Dollars on Modern, All-flash Storage Solutions

StorageHawk, in partnership with Pure Storage, offers solutions to help refresh your legacy storage and modernize your data experience. StorageHawk provides the authoritative, technical expertise agencies need to swiftly identify, then solve complex data management challenges – going directly from requirements to results.


Whether you need to modernize your storage system or simply want to set your agency up for success in FY2021 by strategically utilizing your end-of-year funds, Pure Storage offers a variety of solutions that can be installed quickly and in a cost-effective manner, bringing immediate value to your mission.

Download our End of Federal FY 2020 Datasheet

Pure Storage Offerings

StorageHawk is authorized to distribute Pure Storage solutions to government agencies to help modernize systems and ease workflows.


The first all-flash, 100% NVMe shared accelerated storage with proven 99.9999% availability and consistent performance through non-disruptive upgrades and maintenance – backed by industry-leading predictive support.

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The industry’s most advanced storage for unstructured data, consolidating complex data silos to optimize infrastructure and accelerate tomorrow’s discoveries and insights.

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Pure as-a-Service

Get all the benefit of Pure Storage technology while you eliminate the big ticket CAPEX investment. Costs are aligned to usage in a pay-as-you-go model – easy to get in, easy to ramp up, and no long-term commitments. Enjoy the benefits of aligning your cost with actual usage.

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Benefits of All-flash

  • Removes the need to buy extra hardware for better performance
  • Lessens the number of devices and cables which in turn reduces the cooling costs
  • Increases density of storage arrays, enabling you to reduce entire racks of equipment to just handfuls of rack units
  • Produces a more simplified data center that reduces the physical costs associated with it

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Also available under all major IT GWAC’s

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