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Spot by NetApp

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Use More Cloud. For Less.

Going beyond cloud analytics and recommendations, Spot actively optimizes AWS, Azure and Google Cloud deployments with SLA-backed availability, fully automated infrastructure management and up to 90% cost reduction.
With Spot, cloud consumers can effortlessly and affordably scale any workload, from stateful, single instances, to cloud-native clusters made up of thousands of nodes.
Connect your cloud environment in just minutes, with Spot providing 24/7 support.

Optimize your cloud spend

Cost-effective. Customized. Automated. Empowering.

Cloud Analyzer Gain comprehensive visibility into cloud cost-efficiency, cloud-native chargeback, anomalous spend, as well as optimization opportunities which can be implemented with just the click of a button.

Ocean Simplify infrastructure management for containerized workloads. With container-driven auto-scaling and intelligent right-sizing for container resource requirements, engineers can code more, while the ops team can literally “set and forget” the underlying spot instance cluster.

Eco Automate reserved instance and savings plans lifecycle management. AI-driven analysis of cloud consumption coupled with automation of RI buying and selling in the AWS Marketplace, ensures workloads are running at optimal pricing for maximum ROI on upfront commitments.

Elastigroup Deploy mission-critical workloads on spot instance clusters with ease and confidence. Advanced auto-scaling for predictable performance, plus integrations with dozens of the most popular cloud deployment services and tools, makes it a cinch to get started.

Managed Instance Enjoy spot instance pricing without losing root, data and IP persistence. This makes Managed Instance the ideal solution for stateful, single-instance workloads such as Databases, Dev Environments, Machine Learning and more.



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