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Cloud Computing

Implement the latest technology in cloud computing to provide a scalable compute, storage and application platform.


Improve data protection and recovery while minimizing cost for backup storage and enable your users to securely access the tools they need to do their jobs, no matter where they are.

Data Efficiency

Cut costs, reduce storage, and improve flexibility through consolidation, deduplication, and virtualization.

Data Management

Reduce costs and infrastructure while improving stability by centralizing control over your hardware and networks.

Data Performance

Minimize downtime, optimize disaster recovery solutions and improve application's performance and manageability.

Emerging Technologies

Implement the cutting edge technologies to make organizations more productive, more secure, simpler to manage, quicker to deploy, and easier to scale.

Experts in Solving Technical Issues Inside Agency Data Centers.

StorageHawk provides the authoritative technical expertise agencies need to swiftly identify, then solve complex data center challenges.

We go directly from requirements to results—because we’re fierce about data.

Fierce About Data.