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Test Page

[otw_shortcode_tabslayout tabs=”6″ style=”vertical-tabs” tab_1_title=”DATA EFFICIENCY” tab_1_content=”<b>Virtualization:</b> Improving flexibility and dependability. Lowering capital expenditures. Running multiple operating systems. Securing desktop environments. Streamlining application deployments. Decoupling applications from underlying infrastructure.<br /><br /><b>Converge & Consolidate:</b> Converged Infrastructure (CI), Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI), Open Converged Infrastructure (OCI) – insuring compatibility between all components while reducing the costs for cabling, cooling, power and floor space. Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) – automatically and efficiently servicing local, cloud, or hybrid cloud environments’ application workloads. Data Reduction: Reducing hardware investment while improving performance and lowering power and cooling costs. Doing all of the above with far less hardware.” tab_2_title=”DATA MANAGEMENT” tab_2_content=”test”][/otw_shortcode_tabslayout]